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pedofilia Nov 21, 2021

Al seguente link è possibile trovare un elenco esaustivo di storie sui media che parlano di abusi sessuali su minori tra i Testimoni di Geova. Questo elenco ha lo scopo di portare all’attenzione dell’opinione pubblica in generale e dei testimoni di Geova che il grave problema degli abusi sessuali sui minori all’interno dell’organizzazione non è isolato solo in poche sale del regno, o solo in pochi paesi, ma che il problema degli abusi sessuali sui minori è di natura sistemica.


Wednesday October 9, 2019

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses speak out about childhood abuse, say it was ‘covered up’

Monday July 24, 2017

Former Jehovah’s Witness jailed for inappropriately touching teenage girls

Friday March 10, 2017

Uniting Church apologises to victims of sexual abuse, Jehovah’s Witnesses defend treatment

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Uniting Church questioned at child abuse inquiry


Saturday March 24, 2019

No Witnesses – Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Tuesday March 5, 2019

Quebec class action alleging sexual abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses can proceed

Superior Court green-lights suit regarding alleged sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses

Monday October 2, 2017

$66M class action sex abuse suit filed against Jehovah’s Witnesses

      Great Britain

Tuesday February 4, 2020

Jehovah’s Witnesses sued over ‘historical sex abuse’

High Court Judge: Jehovah’s Witnesses prioritised ‘spiritual counselling’ of sexually abuse man over his young daughter

Monday January 20, 2020

Jehovah’s Witnesses told to pay rape victim £62K

Monday March 25, 2019

Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘kept a secret database of tens of thousands of child molesters for two decades and hid it from the authorities’

Monday November 20, 2017

Jehovah’s Witnesses sexual abuse covered up

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they were told not to report child sex abuse, as organisation is accused of sheltering abusers

Sunday April 30, 2017

Jehovah’s Witnesses abuse allegations

Sunday October 4, 2015

Campaigners issue Jehovah’s Witnesses abuse warning

Friday July 19, 2002

Reporting Religion: Jehovah’s Witnesses sex abuse scandal


Sunday February 9, 2020

Jehovah’s Witnesses readmit man accused of child sex abuse

Tuesday December 24, 2019

It’s time to investigate Jehovah’s Witnesses sex crimes, says Belfast abuse victim

Wednesday December 18, 2019

Ex-Belfast Jehovah’s Witness avoids jail for historic sex abuse of young girl

Wednesday November 27, 2019

At last it’s over’: 40 years on justice catches up with Northern Ireland Jehovah Witness pervert

Sunday June 9, 2019

Jehovah’s Witness to be charged with sex abuse

Sunday April 21, 2019

Tell No One

Sunday July 22, 2018

Concerns grow over Jehovah’s Witnesses Irish child sex abuse files

Sunday October 29, 2017

A Failure to bear Witness

Jehovah’s Witnesses in spotlight over their response to abuse cases


Saturday February 1, 2020

Hoe de aanpak van Jehovah’s Getuigen van misbruik in andere landen wél verbeterde

Thursday January 23, 2020

Ex-jehova Hadassah jarenlang misbruikt door oom en tante

Rechter: rapport over seksueel misbruik Jehova’s mag openbaar

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Uitgelekt rapport: Jehova’s doen nauwelijks iets tegen seksueel misbruik

Tuesday January 21, 2020

Jehovah’s Witnesses go to court to block sex abuse report publication

Friday January 24, 2020

Jehovah’s Witness abuse victims unhappy at lack of care, report shows

Monday January 14, 2019

Utrecht University to investigate sex abuse claims against Jehovah’s Witnesses

Thursday December 6, 2018

Police raid Jehovah’s witness buildings in sexual abuse inquiries

Thursday August 16, 2018

Public prosecutor is investigating sexual abuse within Jehovah’s Witnesses

Negen aangiften van seksueel misbruik bij Jehova’s Getuigen

Friday August 3, 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to hand over evidence in sexual abuse case

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses reject calls for independent inquiry into sexual abuse

Wednesday May 2, 2018

Jehovah’s Witnesses under fire for not talking as sexual abuse claims rise

Meer meldingen misbruik Jehova’s Getuigen, maar in gesprek gaan, ho maar

Wednesday February 21, 2018

Jehovah’s Getuigen weigert slachtoffers inzage in dossier

Friday February 9, 2018

Minister tegen slachtoffers Jehovah’s Getuigen: doe aangifte

Thursday February 8, 2018

Jehovah’s Getuigen houdt documenten kindermisbruik jarenlang binnenskamers

Friday January 26, 2018

Steve werd misbruikt door getuige van Jehova: ‘Het werd afgeraden om naar de politie te gaan’

Thursday December 28, 2017

Dozens come forward to report abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

Saturday July 22, 2017

Een paradijs voor pedofielen’

Tuesday January 24, 2017

Jehova’s onderzocht: houden ze misbruik onder de pet?

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Australische Jehova’s Getuigen hielden seksueel misbruik geheim

Saturday August 17, 2013

Jehova staat boven alles, ook boven je kinderen’

      United States of America

Sunday February 9, 2020

The Secret Database of Jehovah’s Witness Child Abusers

Saturday February 8, 2020

A Pennsylvania grand jury is investigating Jehovah’s Witnesses for alleged sex-abuse cover-up, man who testified says

The Witnesses

Wednesday February 5, 2020

What Does A Secret Database Kept By Jehovah’s Witnesses Reveal About Potential Sexual Abusers?

Friday November 8, 2019

Calling Out Sexual Abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses Is a Horrific Struggle

Friday March 22, 2019

A Secret Database of Child Abuse

Friday August 24, 2018

Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses to protest sex abuse scandals at Pa. convention

Monday July 9, 2018

Watch: Jehovah’s Witnesses official says to destroy records because ‘Satan’s coming after us’

Thursday May 24, 2018

Suspect in Jehovah’s Witness child sex abuse case arrested

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Report: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Policies Protect Child Abusers

Silent Witnesses

Tuesday January 9, 2018

New Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community

Thursday November 16, 2017

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ tab for child sex abuse secrecy: $2M and counting

Saturday December 10, 2016

How Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders hide child abuse secrets at all costs

Secrets of the Watchtower

Monday November 28, 2016

Australian Jehovah’s Witnesses protected over a thousand members accused of child abuse, report says

Thursday April 14, 2016

$13.5M award vacated in Jehovah’s Witness abuse case

Monday July 27, 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘Hid’ 1K Sex Abusers

Saturday February 14, 2015

Jehovah’s Witnesses use 1st Amendment to hide child sex abuse claims

Monday December 1, 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses under fire from former congregants who say child sex abuse was hushed

Friday October 31, 2014

$13.5M for Jehovah’s Witness sex victim

Sunday June 17, 2012

Jehovah’s Witnesses Told to Pay in Abuse Case 






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